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Good Web Sites

Good Web Sites

Websites for other weekend entertainment

Cleveland area:http://www.cleveland.com/clubs/

Akron area: http://www.ohio.com/mld/ohio/entertainment/

Websites on ballroom dancing

Ballroomdancers.com: http://www.ballroomdancers.com/ Learn dance steps and link to a lot of great resources (shoe vendors, etc.)

DanceVision: http://www.dancevision.com/. Find great instructional videos, music and links to other resources.

Dance Palette: http://www.dancepalette.com/ Find paintings by Jan Allmon and other ballroom resources on this website.

Websites for Argentine tango

Where to Tango in Cleveland--http://www.neotango.net/page5.html

Good sites

·         www.todotango.com

·         http://totango.net/ttindex.html

·         Online Tango Community Network http://tangoconnections.org/

·         Tango Music Website http://www.tangoconnections.net/

Northeast Ohio instructors

·         Anita Converse--www.dancerinyou.com

·         Greg y Donna-- http://neotango.net/home.html

·         Guillermo & Sherrie--http://www.tangorush.com/

·         KB & Carmen--www.kbandcarmentango.com/

·         Timmy Tango--www.tangocleveland.com

Additional information on tango

·         Dr. Tango: Jeanette Potts--www.doctortango.net/

Tango discussion group--http://tangoconnections.org/ (thanks, Greg and Donna, for updating this!) 

Websites for salsa

Tropical Cleveland—They list venues and events for salsa and other types of Latin dancing! http://www.tropicalcleveland.com/    


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